Growth by Design - change, transformation and transition

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What makes your fresh start real? What will be new about you?

Transformation. What distinguishes transformation from change? Bigger? More of it? No. Transformation is a fundamental change of state, a passage from one way of being to another. Maybe transformation happens as a quantum leap. More likely, it is the result of a deliberate transition.

Pause for a moment here. Is that how you're used to thinking about transformation? It's all about you and your state of being in a changed situation. Hmmm. How does that happen?


Thrive in Change


What does it feel like to thrive? This is a different question from one where you identify the circumstances that you need to feel that way. What is the actual feeling state when you are thriving? Read More...

Lead: Are You at a Crossroads?


Are you at a crossroads? Maybe it’s an opportunity for pause that goes deeper than choosing direction or what project to take on now. I’m thinking of an identity crossroads, a transformational juncture leaders periodically encounter.

“Who am I now and what am I creating with my choices?”

I remember sitting with a friend about a year ago at a literal crossroads on our hiking trail. He was awakening to powerful new truths about himself and deliberating about letting go of identities - both professional and personal - with which he no longer felt aligned. He could no longer be that person; the weight of trying was crushing him. ... Read More...