Bridging Lives Notes: December 2016

Kindness at Hand
What gesture of kindness can you offer to warm someone's heart, right about now?

I mean, we're all in this together, right? Nourishing openness and connection can make a world of difference.
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How can you be better at this where it's challenging?

Click here for a recent interview with Judith Glaser featuring Conversational Intelligence®, her innovative framework for conversations - in business and beyond - that activate higher-level intelligences such as trust, integrity, empathy, and good judgment. (Yes, I'm a member of the first cohort of professionals about to be fully certified as C-IQ Certified Coaches. ...Ask me more!)

And click here for some additional ideas worth spreading (TED Radio)...

HumanKind: Be Both
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We're in the season for celebrating the return of the Light.

At a time of greatest darkness, all our humanity yearns for the light of aliveness, kindness and renewal. It's the perennial promise we count on and celebrate in so many ways.

Wherever this finds you, my hand is extended to yours.

The path forward is ours to co-create.
You Are the Bridge to “better”
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For the work that's yours to do, you are the bridge to "better." Thank you for the important work you do and the leader you're becoming while you do it. I'm here as your ally, partnering with you to thrive.

Be in touch...and stay tuned!
Lead. Collaborate. Grow. ... to Thrive!
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