Bridging Lives Notes: December 2018

Holiday Greetings
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Warm wishes to you as we celebrate the holidays, the returning of the Light, and the turning of the year.

Here, too, are three conversations I've really enjoyed and am happy to share with you. They're about resilience, a willingness to look again, and somehow choosing re-enchantment as we live and lead. Click the links for more…

May your 2019 begin with kindness.

TLC for Leaders™ - Now Enrolling
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Ready for some transformation of your own?

Here’s a time-sensitive INVITATION for an exceptional opportunity. My latest Transformational Leadership Circle™ (TLC) is enrolling now and will launch in early 2019. This TLC is for women leading in science.

Transformational Leadership Circles™ blend individual and group coaching with the power of structured peer mentorship for a uniquely pragmatic and uplifting professional development experience. We take on tough issues and get to the heart of what capable leaders struggle with. You grow in effectiveness, creative resourcefulness and well-being as a leader.

Thanks in advance for sharing this with anyone you think might be interested. …
Your sincere desire to grow and contribute what matters most to you are met and cultivated here.

You are the Bridge to "Better"
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I'll be delighted to hear from you in response to the notes offered here.

  • Let me know what resonates for you in these notes.
  • Ask about ways we can focus on growth for you.

We can work together from anywhere – whether as an individual or in a group. You are, of course, welcome to meet me in Santa Fe, NM, but the distance between us is easily bridged from wherever you are.

Over the last two decades my clients have tended to be business owners and accomplished professionals in (1) STEAM-driven businesses (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics), (2) entrepreneurial businesses dedicated to sustainable enterprise (especially with B-Corp leaders) and (3) personal transition, reorienting to create a new path or impact. Whether a coaching engagement is supported and encouraged by your organization or you choose to invest in a coach yourself (responsive to what extends beyond your current workplace), you have options. Reach out and let’s explore what’s possible together.

For the work that's yours to do, you are the bridge to "better." Thank you for the important work you do and the leader you're becoming while you do it. I'm here as your ally, partnering with you to thrive.

Be in touch...and stay tuned!
Lead. Collaborate. Grow. Thrive!
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