Coaching for Leadership & Collaborative Excellence
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Leadership and Executive Coaching

Coaching programs are available for individual leaders, business partners, and leadership teams.

Coaching is no longer simply or even primarily an inquiry about how to “get ahead” or acquire new knowledge and skill. It is an opportunity to explore deeper personal values and patterns of being. My coaching work helps you broaden perspective and deepen capacity to engage for co-creating what matters most.

Coaching is a conversation for awakening to and inhabiting qualities of self that will allow greater aliveness, meaningful productivity and joy. For many at the senior leadership and executive levels, coaching is a unique professional context where they are invited to experiment, learn, and grow not just in service of performance enhancement. Leaders speak candidly about and explore for themselves what is not seen and cannot be measured. You benefit from improved communication, more generative use of creative tension and conflict, and enhanced individual and team performance and wellbeing.
  • Individual leaders choose coaching to overcome internal and external barriers to professional advancement, collaborate more effectively with others, and accelerate their professional growth. A challenge now may be to claim your voice, value and authentic presence as a leader. As you embody the next version of you, move yourself and others in a new orientation to leadership, creative possibility and growth.
  • Business partners choose coaching to resolve conflicts, re-align for strategic growth, and to realize their creative vision. With better understanding of their behavior and choices in different situations, partners learn to adapt and “dance” together and realize the synergy that brought you together in the first place.
  • Leadership teams choose coaching to develop greater accountability and collaboration among leaders while deliberately growing their team and organizational culture. The secret to a great team is your ability to build strong, authentic business relationships based on trust, candor, and transparency. In connection with a larger change initiative or critical group and collaboration dynamics, we can address individual challenges and opportunities as an interrelated, essential part of a larger process.
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  • Empowered Leader Coaching
  • Growth by Design
Strategic Planning & Engagement

What becomes possible when your whole team can develop and own a meaningful strategy together? Values-driven enterprise succeeds when your leaders and teams coordinate with positive, adaptive solutions to accomplish your business plan, while having fun doing it. I design and guide strategic planning and strategic engagement processes to ensure your team aligns for genuine commitment to your strategic direction. You co-create a dynamic process for building capacity and communicating effectively to achieve your goals.

Offsite / Retreat Design & Facilitation

How can you better fulfill the purpose of your next offsite or retreat? Together with you, I design meetings to achieve specific objectives within an interactive learning environment. With my facilitation, your team can open playfully to new ways of perceiving and thinking about who you work together to accomplish your objectives. Group events are an opportunity to clear out what no longer serves and redirect your energy for align, powerful progress. Event follow-up is designed to reinforce key learnings, agreements, and accountability for resonant action.

Focused Learning: Communication, Conflict, Trust and Collaboration

You are building the capacity of individuals learning and working together to create a better future. With each collaborative learning opportunity your key players get better at playing a game worth playing, achieving goals worth playing for and becoming better people as you go. With each new constellation of players and each new level of complexity and challenge, we spiral back to expand and deepen our range with core competencies. I customize my programs for focused learning to meet your specific needs. Current programs include: Conversational Alchemy, Lead in Trust, Resilient & Resonance Leadership, etc.
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  • Leadership and Collaborative Reset
  • Collaborative Reset
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Growth by Design

Bridging Lives provides customized programs for leaders, business partners and teams to facilitate sustainable growth and conscious change.

Together, we focus on more than skill development and coordination. Change efforts succeed when the people involved upgrade their inner "operating system" to be able to embody the kind of leadership that can create the envisioned culture.

Your people cultivate change that evolves authentically from the inside out. You reduce waste, frustration and dissonance. You increase creative productivity, trust and collaborative resonance. You create and reinforce a culture of leadership and strategically-focused engagement.

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First, our mental model of the way the world works must shift from images of a clockwork, machinelike universe that is fixed and determined, to the model of a universe that is open, dynamic, interconnected, and full of living qualities. ... Once we see this fundamentally open quality of the universe, it immediately opens us up to the potential for change; we see that the future is not fixed, and we shift from resignation to a sense of possibility. We are creating the future every moment.
Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership, by Joseph Jaworski
Challenge, overwhelm and confusion are frequent operating conditions in today's world and the default psychological defense in these circumstances is denial. It is an automatic response, protective of the psyche and its need for stability. But denial is not a learning stance - and unless we can get beyond it the deeper resources we all possess are never called into play. Hence the fundamental importance of the so-called 'double task:' to be able to act and reflect one one's actions at the same time.
Dancing at the Edge: Competence, Culture and Organization in the 21st Century, by Maureen O'Hara & Graham Leicester
Lead. Collaborate. Grow. ... to Thrive!