We are in an emergence. ...See?


Notice that somewhere around 90% of what generates happiness is sourced and changed from within. Tithe story you tell and reinforce. It's the actions you take by choice. …We are in an emergence. See? Read More...

Thrive in Change


What does it feel like to thrive? This is a different question from one where you identify the circumstances that you need to feel that way. What is the actual feeling state when you are thriving? Read More...

Wise Choices

My thanks to you for taking a moment to pause and reflect with me on some notes about wise choices. 
Wisdom. It's an idea that's proliferating fast in the business world. How about the practice where you are?

Lead: Are You at a Crossroads?


Are you at a crossroads? Maybe it’s an opportunity for pause that goes deeper than choosing direction or what project to take on now. I’m thinking of an identity crossroads, a transformational juncture leaders periodically encounter.

“Who am I now and what am I creating with my choices?”

I remember sitting with a friend about a year ago at a literal crossroads on our hiking trail. He was awakening to powerful new truths about himself and deliberating about letting go of identities - both professional and personal - with which he no longer felt aligned. He could no longer be that person; the weight of trying was crushing him. ... Read More...