Coaching for Leadership Excellence
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What's next for you as a leader?
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In your professional life you have leadership responsibilities related to your intellectual expertise, creative ideas and acumen as well as your capacity to catalyze and contribute to collective results with people.

  • How can you become a better, more fulfilled and healthier leader while the pace, demand for results and complexity of your work escalate?
  • How can you sustain your strength, resilience and resonance, even in high-stress situations?
  • How do you bring out the best in your self and others while leading into the unknown?

Author your future so that
  • Your unique contribution has optimal impact
  • You keep growing over the long term
  • You step powerfully, wisely and sustainably into something other than "leadership as usual."
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  • Coaching to Evolve Your Leadership - for organizational & entrepreneurial leaders. Customized packages are designed for individuals ready to move more effectively with current and anticipated challenges and opportunities. Executive, senior-level, and high-potential organizational leaders gain from insight and practices for "executive presence," personal effectiveness, and authentic power. Similarly, entrepreneurial leaders gain an ally for achieving their personal best while navigating more effectively in new territory.

  • Empowered Leader & Transformation Coaching - for accomplished individuals in transition and seeking greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and aliveness as they move to create what is next for them. Gain conscious awareness of where conditioned patterning and unconscious programming holds you back or limits your effectiveness now. Become more present, resourceful and resilient in creating what is most important to you.

  • Small Group Coaching - brings individuals together for vision-centric growth, typically catalyzed by urgency to resolve persistent difficulty or to anticipate challenge and change. For a Collaborative Reset, for example, you might first need to address a multi-faceted conflict situation, desire to rebuild trust, and upgrade how you work together as a more cohesive and effective leadership team. For A Leadership and Collaborative Reset, for example, we can integrate leadership and team development with interactive elements to evolve your leadership culture and innovative outcomes. Small Group Coaching elevates conflict resolution, strategic planning and engagement, and facilitated meetings or off-site meetings for mission-critical, more creative, and perhaps difficult conversations.

All coaching engagements are customized to meet your needs. As appropriate, our work together may include use of powerful tools, such as 360-degree leadership assessments, team or organizational culture assessments, and tools to enhance interpersonal understanding and creative interaction. It may also include modalities for resolving internal conflict and blocks, such a Limbic Coaching. For focused work on presence and presentation skills, our work may include on-camera practice and feedback.
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Awaken to what you embody and how you grow, more wholly. Recognize how you unconsciously get in your own way and what you can do about it. Learn to overcome challenges and optimize opportunities with greater ease, wisdom and grace. With greater awareness and perspective, you make conscious choices for better results.

By your presence and practices, you can generate greater trust, creativity and excellence, calling forth the best from yourself and others.


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...leaders today face unprecedented challenges that can result in a vicious cycle of stress, pressure, sacrifice, and dissonance. To counter the inevitable challenges of leadership roles, we need to engage in a conscious process of renewal both on a daily basis and over time. To do so, most of us need to intentionally transform our approach to managing ourselves, and we need to learn new behaviors - practices that enable us to maintain internal resonance and attunement with those we lead. We need to cultivate mindfulness and learn to engage the experiences of hope and compassion. We need to focus deliberately on creating resonance within ourselves - mind, body, heart, and spirit - and then channel our resonance to the people and groups around us.
Resonant Leadership, by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee
...The real task of leadership is to provide an emotional environment in which people feel valued, satisfied, and certain as they contribute their talents and abilities. That leads to higher productivity, greater personal happiness, and an intelligence that increases with the diversity of the team.
Built on Trust: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Any Organization, by Arky Ciancutti, MD, and Thomas L. Steding, PhD
Creative leading is not about incremental process improvements. It comprises actions dedicated to change - changing attitudes, behaviors, living conditions, people’s sense of capability and well-being - in the real world.
The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly, by Michael H. Shenkman, PhD
Lead. Collaborate. Grow. ... to Thrive!