Empowering us to be and lead well in these extraordinary times of crisis and change…
Why Center & Connect™?

Center & Connect™ simply invites you for an essential practice to cultivate centered presence, inner coherence, and a more congruent, enlivening resilience. It's the core practice for leading from center. It's fundamental for true executive presence. Best of all, this practice strengthens you for creating what matters in your life with greater joy, inner peace, and aliveness.

Especially now as we step forward in the daily challenges of a world upended by a pile-up of life-changing circumstances, we need connection. Not busy, distracted, demanding connection. A quality of
connection that comes from mutual inner coherence. Connection that allows what IS, loosens the grip for greater resourcefulness and resonance, and embraces what is emerging for us now.

Something very special happens when we engage in somatic centering practices as a small, connected group. There's a quieting
reset; we hear and feel what is otherwise drowned out by the noise we live in. You cultivate greater self-attunement and self-empowerment, pausing from the habitual overdrive or overwhelm so common in these times. There's a trusted and compassionate listening; as we share what we're noticing and redirect our sensing to what's essential, a kind curiosity or affirming clarity emerges. There's a refueling or re-energizing; every time we engage, there's a renewed sense of "I AM" and "I CHOOSE" and "I CAN" to direct and encourage each person's next steps on their journey. Experience how this practice and the community of amazing humans fortifies your presence, resourcefulness, and humanity as you lead.

Center & Connect™ began in March 2020 as a gift in direct response to the isolation, disruption, and chaos of the Covid-19 global pandemic plus social unrest and anything else that is happening. The practice evolves in support of all of us making new choices as we envision and co-create a "new normal" that brings us more to life.

To be more resourceful, resilient, and attuned as you lead, give yourself a refreshing and integrative pause each week.


  • All sessions takes place via Zoom, so you can join us from anywhere.
  • Wednesdays - 8am-9am PT / 9am-10am MT
  • Monthly Subscription - continue for as long as you like and opt out when you're done

Space is Limited
Small-group sessions allow for greater sharing and connection.

  • Participate in any/all Center & Connect™ group sessions each month
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What You Can Count On…

Our centering practice is unique every single time, responsive to what is "stirring" for each person who joins us. You can count on new content and surprising variations on the somatic centering practice. It's a potent hour for getting yourself more fully "online" and rich with insights from what is shared in the circle.

As a monthly subscriber, you have access to the Membership Site. There you'll find a video of each session so you can revisit the practice in your own time. You'll also find resources - such as a poem or other items - related to what is shared during any session.

To promote "live" participation and to protect and cultivate the rich and trustworthy nature of our "live" conversations…
  • Video recordings are exclusively of the Somatic Centering Practice as led by Beata (no participants are heard, seen, or otherwise identified on the recording).
  • Video recordings do not include interactive content and conversations from the "live" session.

Centered Presence and Leadership

Weebles are We…
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Meet my friendly Weebles. Maybe you remember these toys. …They “wobble but they don’t fall down.”

Leaders “wobble.” The best ones fall down… and get up faster. It’s part of learning and being a human "work in progress."

  • Your leadership challenge is to come back to center more consistently and in ever tougher situations.

  • Your collaborative challenge is to move with others from center - yours and theirs…to blend and coordinate more consistently and with less waste in ever more challenging and creative situations.

Have you ever held clay on a spinning potter’s wheel? What an effort it is and what a mess it makes when the clay is not centered!

To get good at this - and help others be better at this - you have to CHOOSE and PRACTICE.

Making new neural connections and reprogramming our neuro-muscular patterning requires deliberate intention and mindful repetition. You slow down and tune in to go faster, more effectively. You let yourself integrate and deepen - two things that never happen in the fast lane.

A word to the wise: it could be tempting to dismiss these practices as too easy, self-evident, irrelevant, or trivial. Notice if that might be a reaction or conditioned tendency for you. The way to “hear” insight and wisdom is by tuning in for it, while turning down the volume on the “noise” that otherwise drowns it out. That reconditions the reactivity to response-ability.

Dedicating mindful attention to even the simplest practices for centered presence allows you to re-tool on the run. To be more effective and resourceful with yourself, you need to discover and regularly use tools for internal resonance and self-renewal.

You practice yourself into a “new normal.”
Beata C. Lewis, JD, Master Somatic Coach

As an Executive Coach, I bring over 20 years experience and a passion for partnering with business owners, entrepreneurs, and knowledge professionals to lead their way forward with greater trust, creative presence, and wisdom. My clients have transformed themselves and their situations in the face of disruptive change, persistent obstacles, and inspiring opportunity. They bring more of their authentic self to conversations and practices at the heart of effective leadership and innovative collaboration. They become more choice-driven and skillful confronting conflict and difficulty, navigating complexity and change, and engaging people to co-create at their best.

Monthly Subscription - $97

  • Participate in any/all Center & Connect™ group sessions each month
  • Membership Site access for as long as your subscription is "active"
  • Consistent, easy, and convenient - recurring payment until you cancel
  • BONUS - invite 1 guest for 1 free "live" session each month you subscribe
One very satisfied customer! I look forward to my mid-week connection with our small, committed group. Beata skillfully and gently guides our recalibration through the breath and a somatic meditation. I am consistently appreciative of the centered groundedness that I leave with, better able to move in my world with presence, awareness and calm.
J. Young - Business Owner & Cancer Patient Activist
I come away from each Center & Connect practice feeling well grounded and in a better mood; it's like a massage, a gift to myself. Participating regularly in these past months has kept me intact and sane during this stressful time of the pandemic and over the course of life’s ups and downs. Beata is wonderful, sensitive, and receptive checking in with us individually, our incoming moods or stirrings. She customizes her mindful somatic practices from there to center us for who we will be and how we will be present for what happens in our week. I feel so fortunate to be part of the group engaging in this very powerful and pragmatic practice.
J. Eldering - Bio-tech Scientist