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What makes your fresh start real? What will be new about you?

Transformation. What distinguishes transformation from change? Bigger? More of it? No. Transformation is a fundamental change of state, a passage from one way of being to another. Maybe transformation happens as a quantum leap. More likely, it is the result of a deliberate transition.

Pause for a moment here. Is that how you're used to thinking about transformation? It's all about you and your state of being in a changed situation. Hmmm. How does that happen?


Curious About B?


Do you have to abandon profit or sound business practice to provide material benefit to society and the environment? No. Indeed, you have new options for reorienting what works to become something better.

A new era is dawning in business.

A little-known yet significant change is taking hold in the United States – and abroad – to provide legal structure for sustainable, for-profit enterprise. In response to the growing need for integrated solutions to systemic problems, legal and business leaders are creating anew. B is for Benefit.

Leaders of business ventures large and small, start-up and long-standing can now (re)incorporate with an expanded purpose. Leaders for sustainable enterprise have the option of (re)structuring their organization as a B-Corp.

According to B Lab's 2012 B Corporation Annual Report:

...certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable economy. Success in the 21st century means achieving high growth and high impact. It means making money and a difference. Read More...

Survey: Collaboration Challenges

BL Survey

What comes up for you when you ask yourself this question:
What is my biggest challenge with setting up and sustaining trust-based collaboration?

Please let me know by completing my brief survey. I’m curious about this from your perspective and experience. When you respond to my brief survey via this link, you’ll receive a gift from me with a trust-centered practice to try.

What Will Be New for You Now?

2014 Hope

What will be new for you - and renew you - in 2014? We're co-creating a new era. Did 2013 feel like a transition year to you? If so, what are you transitioning from, and what are you moving towards? Read More...

Tough Act to Follow


One way to identify an effective leader in an organizational setting is by their follower-ship. Who is following them and what’s it like for followers to follow that leader? Even brilliant, accomplished and well-intentioned leaders get in their own way and become hard to follow. It can be related to who they become under the influence of chronic power stress. And it can be tempting to blame the difficulty on the followers, the terrain you’re crossing or some other external circumstances. But really, the solution starts with you.

Lead: Are You at a Crossroads?


Are you at a crossroads? Maybe it’s an opportunity for pause that goes deeper than choosing direction or what project to take on now. I’m thinking of an identity crossroads, a transformational juncture leaders periodically encounter.

“Who am I now and what am I creating with my choices?”

I remember sitting with a friend about a year ago at a literal crossroads on our hiking trail. He was awakening to powerful new truths about himself and deliberating about letting go of identities - both professional and personal - with which he no longer felt aligned. He could no longer be that person; the weight of trying was crushing him. ... Read More...

Collaborate: Play Your A-Game

Collaboration is hard-wired into our nature. That doesn't make it easy, though. We want creativity but as soon as differences arise, there’s tension and possible dissonance. We want to bring our A-game to working together and achieving outstanding results, but plenty of times, the default self takes over and we cope for “good enough,” "staying under the radar" or to “get it over with.”

Three essential building blocks for a positive collaboration culture are: Appreciation, Agreements and Accountability. Together they build trust and allow for creative synergy.

BL Notable Spotlight: Diana Rothschild

Diana Rothschild-NextKids-s

Diana chose coaching at a time of opportunity, not challenge, when she was a successful Strategy Consultant. Today, Diana Rothschild is the Founder and Chief Mom of NextKids. Her commitment to sustainable business endures and has evolved. Hear Diana share about NextKids and why she feels called to lead there. Her insights may help and inspire you, too.

HEAR OUR CONVERSATION (13 minutes)

KindSight plus MindSight-One Powerful Combination

Rhymes with hindsight. I smiled when a friend shared the idea with me. Yes, it makes perfect sense that a learning stance is not only the kinder way to go but also a more effective way to grow. So why don’t we all already do it all the time? Read More...