January 2014

From Grind to Groove


Collaboration is “in.” It’s everywhere.
It goes hand-in-glove with effective leadership.

“Groovy” or not, it is tricky to keep high-performance collaboration going without getting bogged down in conflict or inertia.

Difficulties with conflict management, miscommunication and dysfunction boil down to trust. Trust with distinctions and actionable frameworks that work in business settings.
Really work.

Curious for more?

Survey: Collaboration Challenges

BL Survey

What comes up for you when you ask yourself this question:
What is my biggest challenge with setting up and sustaining trust-based collaboration?

Please let me know by completing my brief survey. I’m curious about this from your perspective and experience. When you respond to my brief survey via this link, you’ll receive a gift from me with a trust-centered practice to try.

Curious About B?


Do you have to abandon profit or sound business practice to provide material benefit to society and the environment? No. Indeed, you have new options for reorienting what works to become something better.

A new era is dawning in business.

A little-known yet significant change is taking hold in the United States – and abroad – to provide legal structure for sustainable, for-profit enterprise. In response to the growing need for integrated solutions to systemic problems, legal and business leaders are creating anew. B is for Benefit.

Leaders of business ventures large and small, start-up and long-standing can now (re)incorporate with an expanded purpose. Leaders for sustainable enterprise have the option of (re)structuring their organization as a B-Corp.

According to B Lab's 2012 B Corporation Annual Report:

...certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable economy. Success in the 21st century means achieving high growth and high impact. It means making money and a difference. Read More...

What Will Be New for You Now?

2014 Hope

What will be new for you - and renew you - in 2014? We're co-creating a new era. Did 2013 feel like a transition year to you? If so, what are you transitioning from, and what are you moving towards? Read More...