About Beata Lewis, JD, MSC
Executive Coach & Change Consultant
As an Executive Coach and Change Consultant, Beata provides guidance for masterful leadership, collaboration and sustainable growth in business. For nearly two decades she has worked with highly accomplished professionals leading innovation, especially in science, technology and the arts. She guides complex, sensitive and strategic processes to catalyze intentional transformation for individual leaders and leadership teams. Using a multi-disciplinary, systems-oriented and integrative approach, Beata helps clients call forth their capacity to amplify and direct human potential, creativity, and aliveness in leading ventures that thrive and succeed.

Certified since 2003 as a Master Somatic Coach, Beata works masterfully with the human elements essential for powerfully embodied leadership, creative collaboration and durable change. You grow in your capacity to lead with greater communication, trust and presence. A mediator and former attorney, Beata helps you leverage the vital and dynamic nature of agreements, ethics, and conflict for high-performance, mutually fulfilling business partnerships. A former instructor of alpine skiing, Iyengar-style hatha yoga and piano, Beata teaches to inspire and share what she loves.

Beata's commitment for sustainable growth in business finds expression in various ways. Since 2009, she has served as adjunct faculty and mentor to students with the Green MBA Program at Dominican University of California, mentoring students and teaching communication skills and organizational behavior for business transformation. From 2005-2009, Beata consulted as an Independent Contractor with the Management Communications Program of the, Stanford Graduate School of Business coaching students in presentation style and related aspects of applied business communication. She has been a guest lecturer on leadership development at the Presidio Graduate School. As a volunteer with the Pachamama Alliance, Beata is a certified Facilitator of the Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream Symposium and was a co-developer for the first business-oriented version of that symposium.

Beata is dedicated to the advancement of women in leadership. An example is the qualitative study she conducted in 2003 – The Feminine Face of Leadership in Science – and subsequent work with women leading in scientifically-oriented business ventures.
Clients value Beata's expertise in guiding and facilitating complex, sensitive conversations and processes for change with depth, insight, focus, humor and balance.

Coaching, consulting and seminar clients range from:
  • Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Boards of directors
  • High-Tech and Bio-Tech Companies
  • Non-Profit and Arts organizations
  • Professional Associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Federal and state agencies
Specific examples include leaders in organizations such as: BioMarin, Bayer, Glaxo-Smith Kline, Aerovance, Entelos, Cisco Systems, Sandia National Laboratories, National Science Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Calvert Foundation, Monitor Consulting, DFI - CA Dept. of Financial Institutions, CalSTRS, University of CA-Berkeley, US-EPA, Good Earth Natural Foods, Black Rock Productions LLC, Stanford University Graduate School of Business (Management Communication Program) and Astia (formerly Women’s Technology Cluster).
Beata works creatively with the resources and wisdom available from the whole, evolving self and organizational system. Beata is certified to administer instruments developed by The Leadership Circle™ and those related to the Reina Trust and Betrayal Model™. She is qualified to administer FIRO-Element-B, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), and certified as a Limbic Coaching™ practitioner. Over the last two decades, Beata has also studied with a wide variety of esteemed experts in fields of leadership, communication, conflict resolution, group process, strategic alliance structuring, creativity and somatics: including Dave Ellis, Angeles Arrien, Marshall Rosenberg, Kenneth Cloke, William Lincoln, Robert Lynch, Interaction Associates, Gabrielle Roth, David Whyte, David Wood, and many others.

Beata graduated from Pomona College with a BA, cum laude, in International Relations, including overseas study at the Institute for Graduate Studies in International Relations in Geneva, Switzerland, and research at the United Nations Commission for Trade and Development. While earning her JD (juris doctor) from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, Beata studied at Queen Mary College (University of London). She is a member of the State Bar of Texas. Beata is certified as a Master Somatic Coach™ by the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, CA.
Collaborative Partnerships ...
Beata is unique in her understanding of the next wave for the critical journey into what it means to bring a New Leadership into being, and translating the hidden voices of our genuine inner selves into actionable practices. Her coaching techniques are effective in laying the ground work to shatter the glass ceiling of our professional, personal and spiritual lives.
E. Brownell, PhD, Principal ZephyrBiotech, LLC
At a critical time when I felt "stalled" in terms of inspiration and career vision, your coaching offered two important tools that worked well for me: First, the somatic exercises enabled me to become conscious of the doubt/fear/uncertainty that was acting as a block. I used it to help get a grip on that negativity and put it proper perspective. Second, you reminded me that "...there are no mistakes, there is only what I do." Very powerful. The attitude I came to adopt was - 'choose a path, commit to it and follow it.' To actualize and live that thought is a very different thing. You gave me the awareness and tools that allowed it to happen.
C.N., Attorney & Financial Advisor
Beata stepped in and helped our organization at a critical time. Every time we met, I walked away from the session armed with tangible models, exercises and metaphors to put into immediate practice in my business. It was so easy to implement her recommendations clearly demonstrates her ability to position things in simple and practical ways. I deeply appreciated her creativity and action-oriented approach. She also has a special gift for not only looking after the problem/challenge, but also for looking after the people. Her consultative style is warm, adaptive, innovative and collaborative!
D. McIsaac, Global People Development, Hewlett Packard Consulting
Beata has a meticulous, elegant (and fun!) approach to problem-solving for delicate points of group communication.
D. Feinsmith, President Solomon Foundation