Powerful Tools for Leadership & Culture Development
Individuals and organizations engaged in conscious change or growth achieve remarkable results when they use powerful tools. Data and perspective provided by such tools may otherwise be missed and may be significant for focusing attention and practice.
In the Spotlight…
The research-based tools I’ve placed in the spotlight offer vital leverage for my clients. What could happen for you with the help of these best-in-class tools? Let’s find out!
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• Develop Effective Leaders
• Grow your Leadership Culture
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• Cultivate Conversational Intelligence®
• Build & Restore Trust
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• Navigate Systemic Complexity
• Innovate for greater Engagement

While tools won't accomplish the work of change for you, they can help you focus your resources and personal energy. Integrated into a process for gaining insight and applying mindful practice, the tools open conversations that are otherwise unavailable - individually and collectively.

Make your treasure accessible and create a foundation on which change can occur at a deeper level and a sustainable pace.
Begin now.
Further Frameworks & Tools
The list of frameworks, methodologies and tools that inform my work is varied and forever growing. Whether you’re looking for someone qualified for the Meiers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or experienced with FIRO Element B, Non-Violent Communication and Dialogic, we’ll surely find what you need. Just ask!
Lead. Collaborate. Grow. ... to Thrive!