In science, teams with women innovate and win.
Science needs more women leaders.

Women leading in science…

What if you could lead
with greater impact
without sacrificing your wellbeing?

Women in science are choosing to lead and thrive in challenging environments. Challenging environments come in many flavors: cooperative, competitive, abrasive and even abusive.

Not having a community of support at work can be incredibly isolating and exhausting. As women emerge as leaders in what still are male-dominated and strongly masculine professional disciplines, how do you cope with existing “molds” or expectations of participation, collaboration, and leadership? As talented and dedicated as you are, you may grapple with your own ambivalence about being a leader at all. Women in science often confront internal and external glass ceilings and glass cliffs that can wear you down, hold you back or get in your way. How do you re-define and re-shape the practices of leadership consistent with your values, standards and perspectives?

Claim what you need to be more of the leader you want to be - vitally successful and whole.

Enrolling Now: Transformational Leadership Circle
for high-achieving
women in science
TLC for Leaders™

Transformational Leadership Circles blend individual and group coaching with the power of structured peer mentorship for a uniquely pragmatic and uplifting professional development experience. We take on tough issues and get to the heart of what capable leaders struggle with. You grow in effectiveness, creative resourcefulness and well-being as leaders.

Each circle brings accomplished professionals together, providing safe haven for exploration, expression and growth that thoughtful, high-performing leaders seek.

Transform the conversation about your leadership and author your future so that you:
  • Overcome challenges and optimize opportunities with greater awareness, confidence and mastery
  • Stay ahead of the curve and make your unique contribution with the intended impact
  • Lead more powerfully, wisely and sustainably towards a "new normal"
This Transformational Leadership Circle is For You if…
  • You currently work in a position of senior management or leadership in your organization.
  • You want to embody a healthier, more authentic and co-creative way of leading, especially in situations where your leadership is challenged.
  • Your professional education and current professional activity are rooted in the natural sciences, e.g. bio-science, chemistry, physics, etc.
This 10-month TLC for 6-12 participants
provides systemically oriented, personalized support for:
  • Increasing productivity, resilience and capacity to influence, even without authority
  • Communicating and co-creating for better results - while under pressure and navigating conflict
  • Succeeding more on your own terms - trusting yourself and empowered to make new choices
  • Experiencing YES - freedom to belong, express your creativity and discover what's next for you
  • Moving from being a competent "player" to one who strategically shapes the game itself
YOUR Transformational Leadership Circle includes
Individual Coaching
  • 12 1-hour sessions of 1:1 coaching
  • Conducted via Zoom - you can participate from anywhere
  • Scheduled individually to accommodate your needs
Leadership Assessment
  • Each participant completes a Leadership Circle Profile® - TLCP
  • Gain current, candid, growth-oriented input from key stakeholders where you work for making meaningful choices to improve
  • Provides an unparalleled developmental pathway for an "operating system" upgrade
  • Results validated and demonstrably correlated to business performance
  • Completed early in the program so you can use the feedback as a foundation and springboard for professional development choices
Group Coaching
  • 8 90-minute sessions of online group coaching
  • Conducted via Zoom - you can participate from anywhere
  • Responsive to your actual issues and challenges
  • Includes "spotlight coaching" - focused individual coaching in group context
Peer Mentoring
  • Each participant engages in structured Peer Mentoring process throughout
  • Learn with and from your peers for additional perspective and supportive exchange
Group Retreat
  • 2.5-day in-person session for deeper learning and connection
  • Location in Santa Fe, NM

Who is the leader you need to become so you make the contributions that matter most?

What qualities
of leadership are essential for better addressing the complex issues you face?

must happen so you thrive leading in science?

In your professional life you have leadership responsibilities related to your intellectual expertise, creative ideas and acumen as well as your capacity to catalyze and contribute to collective results with people.

  • How can you become a better, more fulfilled and healthier leader while the pace, demand for results and complexity of your work escalate?
  • How can you sustain your strength, resilience and resonance, even in high-stress situations?
  • How do you bring out the best in your self and others while leading into the unknown?

Transformational Leadership Circle participant brings something essential to the process. The issues, challenges, and skills addressed in any circle are those relevant for that particular group. We address what you need. Interact and learn with peers for a professional development experience unlike any you've had before.

Support for advancing as an expert is not the same as support to evolve and mature as a leader. Your growth as a leader is not about conforming to specified behavioral norms. Nor is it primarily an inquiry about how to “get ahead” or acquire new skills. Coaching is a conversation for awakening to and inhabiting qualities of self that will allow greater aliveness, meaningful productivity and joy.

Our inquiry centers around two questions:

  • What moves you in your chosen direction with greater alignment, creative engagement and sustainable wellbeing?
  • What undermines your efforts and how can this energy be redirected to support you?

Here you'll find support and guidance so you can rise to the call and live to tell the tale—with humor, integrity, grace and dignity.

Each interaction is an opportunity to explore deeper personal values and patterns of being. You are invited to speak candidly about what is not seen and cannot be measured but profoundly impacts your effectiveness and well being. You benefit from improved communication, productive use of creative tension and conflict, and enhanced individual and team performance and wellbeing. As you engage, you challenge yourself and each other to grow and shine as a whole person in a particular context.


Investing in your leadership effectiveness, your capacity to
make the difference you care about grows with you.



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Beata Lewis, JD, MSC

As an Executive Coach, I love partnering with business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to co-create a path for bringing more of their authentic self to leadership and collaboration. Clients have included scientists leading in business, national laboratory, medical and academic environments. My 2003 study, The Feminine Face of Leadership in Science, and subsequent specialized programs have addressed challenges and opportunities faced by women leading in science. Clients grow in resilience and capacity to co-create and sustain engagement, especially while navigating complexity, conflict, and change. They become more effective leading their own way and making the difference they care about with greater authority, trust, creative presence and wisdom.


Schedule a conversation to
explore how TLC is for you…
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TLC for Leaders™
began as a dynamic outgrowth of my 2003 study when participants requested them!
Looking at leadership together and asking the tough questions was so inspiring. It gave me greater clarity for my path.
FFLS Participant
See this 2017 study, sponsored by Watermark and the Center for Creative Leadership. Results are notably parallel to FFLS Study findings.
We live in a world that's increasingly social, interdependent, and transparent. And in this world, feminine values are ascendant. Powered by cooperation, communication, nurturing, and inclusiveness, among others, institutions, businesses, and individuals are breaking from old masculine structures and mind-sets to become more flexible, collaborative, and caring. Our data show that this change is deemed necessary, and is welcomed, by strong majorities in every country we surveyed. … This shift toward the feminine does not portend "the end of men," but it does suggest a natural balancing that vastly increases the capacity of both men and women to solve problems and create a good life.
The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future, by John Gerzema & Michael D'Antonio
Internal obstacles are rarely discussed and often underplayed. Throughout my life, I was told over and over about inequalities in the workplace and how hard it would be to have a career and a family. I rarely heard anything, however, about the ways I might hold myself back. These internal obstacles deserve a lot more attention, in part because they are under our control. We can dismantle the hurdles in ourselves today. We can start this very moment.
Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg

Participant Reflections
TLC is not your typical Corporate Leadership course. It is a unique, dynamic experience in self-awareness and inner trust. It does not provide "rules of Leadership", instead TLC cultivates the soul of Leadership. I highly recommend it.
A. Kirsch, PhD, then Vice President, Kaiser Team, GlaxoSmithKline - now retired
Ms. Lewis is unique in her understanding of the next wave of the critical journey into what it means to bring a New Leadership into being, and translating the hidden voices of our genuine inner selves into actionable practices. Her coaching techniques are effective in laying the ground work to shatter the glass ceiling of our professional, personal and spiritual lives.
E. Brownell, PhD, then Project Director, Bayer Healthcare - now Executive Vice President of Operations and Project Management at Amarantus BioScience
TLC was a 'safe' place to meet and discuss the hard things that really matter. I learned so much about conditioned tendencies from my history that carry over into the future, and how to manage them so that they don't manage or limit me. From my TLC-mates, I learned how others deal with ill-defined change in the workplace with grace and how to 'go easy' on myself, be less judgemental, and more at peace. It is an experience I will cherish for a long, long time.
L. Smoliar, PhD, then Product Development Manager, Lightwave Electronics and General Councillor, American Physical Society - now Founding Partner, Berkeley Catalyst Fund & Managing Director at Global Innovation Foundry, LLC