Limbic Coaching® - Give Yourself a FRESH START!
How many times have you already tried to shift a persistent behavior, response or thought?
Great leaders tend to be masters of reframing and healthy emotional regulation.
Emotional self-regulation is critical for effective decision-making and action in complex and constantly changing environments.

A big part of conscious leadership is generating adaptive responses to challenge and opportunity. While suppression and avoidance are common ways to cope with difficult or "negative" emotions, they are not adaptive responses to emotional stressors. Indeed, more often than not, our responses to emotional stressors are so fast and automatic, we are blind-sided by them. Healthier, more effective alternatives promote conscious processing of emotions that affect our decision-making, communication and capacity to take effective action. Even down to their unconscious roots.
Can you change your unconscious mind?
An apparent obstacle to "conscious leadership" - and to conscious anything - is the extent to which we operate from the unconscious. This is far more significant than we tend to realize. Are you communicating effectively with that part of your body/mind that actually runs the show when you're under pressure, threat or stress?

Embodied patterns of perception and response are efficient in terms of brain power precisely because they are conditioned to the point of being driven by the unconscious mind. That's great when it's aligned and congruent with our conscious intention, with our best self. What about the other times?

Involuntary processes are incredibly powerful. They can powerfully support us. They can powerfully get in our way.
Free yourself up to create what matters.
When you can’t “talk your way out of” what’s stored or operating in your body/mind or soma, Limbic Coaching® is a powerful methodology for getting FAST, LASTING RESULTS. You release what gets in your way and empower internal resources that allow you to be more consciously competent, aligned and effective.

Limbic Coaching® can help you:
  • Increase creativity, effectiveness, resistance to stress, and overall well-being
  • Prepare mentally for peak performance
  • Implement new behaviors
  • Overcome personal and professional disappointments, setbacks, and blocks on the way to achieving goals
  • Facilitate access to knowledge, skills, and resources in difficult or new situations
  • Enhance abilities and skills
  • Transform limiting thought and behavioral patterns

Based in science and common sense, Limbic Coaching® takes into account how the brain works and the soma, as a whole, processes information, emotions and stress. It is effective for processing experiences that are not readily accessible through language or conscious thought because they are stored and processed in the “emotional brain.”

The "emotional brain" or limbic system is where much of our non-conscious response and programming occurs. Using bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation, Limbic Coaching® methodology safely promotes optimal cooperation between parts of your brain. Solution-focused communication and practices from disciplines such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP) all work together to facilitate new connections and healing.
It is typically possible to process an issue in a few sessions. In a Limbic Coaching® session you are completely aware and at choice throughout the process. Indeed, all the "answers" for the issue you are dealing with come from within you. The beauty is that you do not have to analyze or know what the root is; the story is not the point. You can successfully release deeply ingrained patterns without figuring them out. Clients consistently report feeling a lightness of being, as though a burden has been lifted or scaffolding removed.

Being one of only a handful of individuals certified in Limbic Coaching® and with over a decade of experience as a certified Master Somatic Coach™, I help clients address leadership growth and personal mastery from a full-self, integrated orientation.
An insight is really just your unconscious mind solving a problem for you and it is important as many business problems are far too complex for the conscious mind to solve. That's why most people have their 'aha moments' or insights early in the morning, or in the shower when their minds are relatively quiet.
David Rock, Author & Founder of the Neuroleadership Institute
Beata has been exceptionally supportive in my pushing past a very narrow thinking pattern. She enabled me to take a hot-button issue and transform it in a very creative and uplifting way. Now, when I look at it, I feel professionally enriched by the very topic I was trying to avoid for a very long time.
M. Levinson, PhD, Relationship Coach
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