5 Keys to Empowered Leadership without Burning Out

Interactive Presentation
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Do you want to thrive being a leader?

You’re a smart, accomplished professional in a position of leadership.

You’ve chosen to lean in.

The problem is, leading can pull you in so many directions that you lose yourself.

You adapt and succeed, but something is left behind.

You may find yourself chronically depleted, strung out by catch-22 demands, and at wit’s end about how to lead as an empowered and vibrant woman.

It’s time for sustainable leadership to be a personal, felt experience. Women like you are empowering themselves to transform how they lead for the better. Better for yourself. Better for everyone. It’s your turn now.

Woman Alive!™
  • Walk into tough meetings connected and confident
  • Assert yourself without losing power
  • Attract support rather than resistance
  • Gain clarity and alignment within yourself
  • Move through uncertainty and change with grace

Five keys to empowered leadership open new possibilities for you. Be more congruent, sourced and unambiguous about creating the difference you want.

Ask yourself:
What will nurture your aliveness while also enhancing your effectiveness?
Now is the time.

Step forward and be known for the resourceful, resilient, creative woman you are.

This interactive presentation can be 50-90 minutes in length.
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Internal obstacles are rarely discussed and often underplayed. Throughout my life, I was told over and over about inequalities in the workplace and how hard it would be to have a career and a family. I rarely heard anything, however, about the ways I might hold myself back. These internal obstacles deserve a lot more attention, in part because they are under our control. We can dismantle the hurdles in ourselves today. We can start this very moment.
Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg
The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.
Alice Walker, Author