You have ONE CHANCE to make a first impression.
What impression do you need to make?
YOU DID IT! - You got your foot in the door and are about to have that critical conversation:
the interview.

Now’s your chance to connect and be invited to take that next step. 

As you present, what presence do you lead with? Get ready to “WOW” them!
Connect with Presence & Present with Power
These important conversations can really trip us up. When nerves take over, we can become clumsy, tongue-tied, even forgetting to mention the most important things. There’s also what we communicate with what we don’t say.

Presence and connection matter. People will generally remember few actual facts from an interview, “pitch" or presentation. What sticks is the impression you make - how a person assessed and felt about you and your content.

Be more deliberate about the impression you make and what sticks. It helps to know what to look for and how to adjust in a way that’s natural and authentic to you. For example, do you know where you may come off as incongruent, apologetic, arrogant, indecisive, timid, unclear, or … congruent and compelling? What if there were some little, easy things you could practice that would flip the situation in your favor?

Present yourself and what you offer with confidence, more at ease and showing yourself at your best. Be ready for tough questions with a response that doesn’t just distinguish you, it’s the essential you. Leave the interview open for the next step and satisfied that you gave your best.
Connect with Presence & Present with Power
EXCLUSIVELY for Green MBA Students and Alumni:
This special offer is for individual coaching to fine-tune your presentation style, specifically in an interview setting. Each session is an hour and includes review of 2 on-camera interview clips (filmed during the session). On-camera clips will be recorded to your own smart phone. Preparation materials include common interview questions and guidance about presence so you present at your best.

BONUS OPTION: Team up with a fellow student and schedule back-to-back sessions. You BOTH get the value of 2 full hours of coaching, together. This is exclusively available for sessions scheduled back-to-back. For the price of one session, you get two, benefitting from peer input and assessing what works without being on the “hot seat."

PRICE: $150 per session.
LOCATION: Bridging Lives Office - 3030 Bridgeway, Suite 211, Sausalito CA 94965
Here’s what past Green MBA participants had to say:
  • “Beata hit some key themes of my personal/professional development that I’ve been avoiding. Calling them out clearly immediately helped me gain clarity of how my guarded feelings affect my physical appearance. Also, these self-presentation tips are very applicable to my presence on stage for capstone!”
  • “The feedback about my interviewing style, body language, and communication allowed me to understand visually things that I typically am not aware of. It allowed me to gain new insights about myself.”
  • “Being put into realistic interview situations and watching myself on video was very powerful!”
  • “Great experience. I enjoyed it a lot and would do it again.”
Leverage what you know with your authentic and powerful presence.
There’s a vast amount of advice out there - good to great - for “crushing" an interview. We aren’t shaken by lack of information or advice. What “gets” us are our embodied patterns, the ones that take over - all the good advice notwithstanding. This on-camera work gets at the embodied patterns, the stuff that generally lurks in our blind spots.
Ready to get started? It takes 3 easy steps:

1) Schedule your session.
Use this TimeTrade link. Or click the “SIGN UP HERE” button above.

The link is for a 60-minute block of time. If you are scheduling 2 back-to-back sessions with a GreenMBA buddy, be sure you each schedule a session and that they’re actually back-to-back in the calendar.
2) Pay for your session
You have two payment options:
* Use the PayPal button to the right
* Send a check for $150 to Beata Lewis, P.O. Box 3146, Sausalito, CA 94966.

A 1-hour session costs $150.

If you partner up with a GreenMBA buddy, you BOTH benefit from 2 hours together, each of you having paid for one hour.
I encourage you to take advantage of this bonus!

Your session is confirmed once you have completed steps 1 & 2.

3) Get ready! Once your session is confirmed, you’ll receive a welcome packet. There you’ll find everything you need to make the most of our session and shine where it counts.
Beata Lewis, JD, MSC

As an Executive Coach and Change Consultant, Beata provides guidance for leaders, senior teams and entrepreneurial business owners in support of their sustainable, transformational growth and well-being. Beata has served as Mentor with the GreenMBA program since 2008. As GreenMBA Faculty since 2009, Beata taught Communication Skills and Organizational Behavior for Business Transformation (CSOBBT). A mediator and former attorney, Beata has been certified since 2003 as a Master Somatic Coach. For five years she provided interview and pitch presentation coaching through the Management Communication Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has coached aspiring entrepreneurs for more powerful presence and presentation with entrepreneurial accelerators such as the Women’s Technology Cluster (now Astia) and the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurial Accelerator.
Connect with Presence & Present with Power -
Interview Coaching

Students & Alumni

Offer ends August 31, 2015
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