Your work together thrives on trust.
What brought you together as a team, as business partners? What outcomes do you need to create together?

Most likely, something really excited you about the prospect of working together, of combining your talents, resources, perspectives and visionary purpose. It might have been about using the power of business as a force for good. With passion and commitment, you dedicated yourselves to building a vital ecosystem for sustainable growth, contribution and wellbeing.

Leadership excellence hinges on the ability to handle conflict skillfully and build trust consistently.
Trust is the "soft" foundation for everything "hard" we care about and measure in leadership and business.
What becomes possible when you’re better at this?
Where do you need it now?

When things get tough, we can make a righteous mess and damage trust with our old habits, fears and coping strategies. We’re human; messes happen as we grow.

The true victory is in making better choices and taking skillful action to restore trust where it matters.
Where do you turn when trust with key people
starts to erode? …
Maybe you feel like you’re walking on thin ice with key partners in your work. What could have been fun, easy and collaborative becomes exhausting and disheartening.

Where do you turn when communication stalls and tension builds? What gets lost when you can’t share freely anymore, or avoid each other and stop telling the truth?
This happens even with the best team members and business partners.
As a leader, decisions you make and actions you take often come with a degree of conflict. You’re working with a creative tension that can be destructive, disruptive or generative.

Indeed, uncertainty and change can destabilize you right when most need to be on track. Even as you move to achieve exciting and necessary goals, you may feel held back by the “drag” of your own or other people’s under-the-radar resistance.

When not handled properly, conflicts add up, take root and erode trust.
What happens when…
  • Alignment and accountability falter and you pull in different directions or withhold what’s true?
  • You’re doing your best in new territory and that just doesn’t seem to be enough?
  • Anxiety or chronic stress start to distort what you see, what you listen for and how you interact?
  • Things start to go wrong? Maybe even very wrong.
When trust erodes, it gets much harder to keep yourself – and the people you count on – creative and effective.
Trust breakdowns bleed into all aspects of the business - your partnership, your people, and your bottom line. We tend to have strong, enduring emotions about trust breakdowns. They impact our capacity to make decisions and take effective action together. They impact our sense of self trust and can challenge us to the core.
Powerful business partnerships and teams flourish in a atmosphere of genuine and pragmatic trust.
In business as in life…
Promising partnerships begin on a foundation of trust.
Powerful partnerships are forged by sustaining and renewing trust, especially when confronted by conflict and challenge.
You gain leverage and respect when you can repair trust, increase creative engagement and directly improve your team’s performance.
The good news is…you have the power to create a shift.

Are you ready to leverage your power of trust?

Some subtle, masterful shifts could make a world of difference. Come to the question with a growth mindset. Wherever you are now, you can have “better.”

What would extra time and energy to focus on positive results mean to you?
Lead in Trust™ is for you if…
You are a business partner or leader trusted for your knowledge or technical expertise and you…
  • Need to get better results with people
  • Prefer to avoid or move beyond (bury) conflict
  • Know what to do but, on the frazzled edge, need to do it more skillfully and consistently
  • Feel trapped in the drama and want better choices for getting on with it
  • Aspire to “extraordinary” in a sustainable, energizing way.
Transform a situation that matters for you now.
Restore trust where it counts.
Power up your partnership for what’s next.
Lead in Trust™ is a powerful coaching program built on decades of expertise. You build your capacity and confidence in building and restoring trust where it counts.
  • Get to the core of what breaks and builds trust
  • Understand what types of trust are critical for you to succeed in a challenging situation
  • Clarify steps you need to take to restore trust and re-energize collaboration
  • Free yourself to lead in trust with greater ease.

You bring your own Trust Challenge. Something real that matters to you. Something that needs your attention and a fresh approach. Being in conversation about what matters amplifies your growth!

GROUP coaching
gives you an easy way to
  • Experiment with and explore new distinctions with a small group of professionals, like you
  • Safely interact about a variety of trust challenges and reframe your own
  • Provide insight from experience about challenges shared - new things you can put into play right away

gives you focus and clarity specific to your Trust Challenge. We explore more of the content and context, making new connections. You can look more closely and reveal what maybe has been hidden. You renew your confidence in what is possible and who you can be to get there. You’ll get what you need to transform that situation and move forward empowered to create what’s next.

Lead in Trust™ is unique and addresses the needs presented by each group. The cool thing about a group process is the someone else’s breakthrough can trigger your own. Individual coaching helps you focus on what you need and integrate awareness and practices for real change.

Imagine having an effective and reliable map for healing from trust breakdowns.
Is a map enough? Trust breakdowns are difficult terrain. Even with a map there, it’s best to have a capable guide.
Here you’ll have expert guidance attuned to you so you generate what you need. Quickly.

What becomes possible when you renew your capacity to collaborate and lead right where you are?

We’ll take it layer by layer, teasing open knots around how you …

  • Value Trust - Find where trust is and where more is needed. Remember why you care and what trust breakdowns are costing you.
  • Renew Trust - Clear out what is toxic and prepare the “soil” for yourself to “re-seed” and nurture the kind of authentic trust you need - anew.
  • Lead In Trust - Become the catalyst and champion for attuning to trust in challenging situations where you need to lead now.
Lead In Trust™ - Your 4-week group program includes:
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls - 75 minutes each
  • 3 Individual Coaching Calls with Beata (via video Skype) - 60 minutes each
  • 3 Instructional Videos - preparation for the group calls
  • Your Lead in Trust™ Action Guide
  • Call Recordings - provided following each "live" event.

BONUS: Centered Presence Audio Program
SPACE IS LIMITED to 10: Consider that another bonus.
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Group Call Dates:
March 1, 8, 15 - 2016
3 Individual Coaching Call Dates:
Scheduled separately

Lead in Trust™ - YOUR INVESTMENT: $1,497

Program Value: $2,500+
Trust improvements affect everything you care about in your business.
What’s it worth to you for your situation to improve now and in the future?
Enroll by February 7, 2016 for
Individual - $1,297 (save $200)
Partners - $2,494 (save $500 when 2 enroll together)
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Beata Lewis, JD, MSC

For nearly 20 years, Beata has partnered with leaders, knowledge professionals and business owners to cultivate trust-centered leadership, more sustainable and enlivening growth in business and intentional transformation. A Master Somatic Coach with experience as an attorney, mediator, and professor, Beata counsels clients to integrate intellectual acumen with greater emotional and body-centered intelligence. Her clients learn to bring out more of the best in themselves and others in complex, challenging situations.
Group Call Dates:
March 1, 8, 15 - 2016
3 Individual Coaching Call Dates:
Scheduled separately
Enroll by February 7, 2016 for
Individual - $1,297 (save $200)
Partners - $2,494 (save $500 when 2 enroll together)
Reserve your spot NOWI
This group coaching experience with Beata came at the right time in my career. After undertaking a new and dynamic position, I was experiencing challenges, obstacles and frustration in my career that I did not recognize as being related to trust, until this course. This course is about building your own capacity managing the range of challenges you really encounter as a leader. The materials and experience of this course reshaped my understanding. Working with Beata helped me see where I can initiate...aka, take the developing a new dynamic. I found great benefit in sharing experiences and insights with other participants, too, given that trust and leadership dynamics are unique for everybody. What emerges is more trust and freedom to lead better...and less struggle and frustration. It's really worth the time, even, and especially, when it seems like there's not a minute to spare.
S. Ashcraft, Marine Policy Advisor, CA Fish & Game Commission
Beata's Lead in Trust program offers a valuable blend of thought-provoking materials , questions for personal reflection, group dialogue for exploration and sharing, and one-on-one coaching to resolve stubborn issues. Whether struggling with a single incident or trying to boost team collaboration, effectiveness or joy, Lead in Trust offers firm but gentle guidance to get back on track and lead again with confidence and deepened awareness. I highly recommend this course and Beata's coaching.
Julia Young, retired small business owner, non-profit board member.
The “Lead in Trust“ Group Coaching Program gave me a helpful dissection of what trust means and discussions on the topic in a friendly, knowledgable and supportive environment. The program with its useful step-wise tools to deal with trust issues and how to rebuild trust, combined with the expert and focused one-on-one couching call with Beata Lewis gave me what I was looking for and more. I also love and learned from the valuable experiences and journeys that the other participants generously shared.
D.T., research scientist, academic leader
Trust is the foundation upon which to build, and I appreciated journeying into the nature of my own trust values and beliefs, as well as those of the group members. The learnings and Lead in Trust resource guide will serve as brilliant tools to create, renew and lead in trust ongoing. Thank you!
Lisa Byron, Human Resources Management, Hitachi