Lead in Trust™: Group Program

April 7, 14, 21, 28 - 2015
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Special Guest: Beata Lewis
Recorded 12/26/14 - Life Matters TV

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Are you fighting an uphill battle trying to lead (with) key people at work?

Do you feel uneasy and guarded coordinating with colleagues or team members whose input you need for something important?
Even as you move to achieve exciting and necessary goals, are you held back by the “drag” of people’s under-the-radar resistance?
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In truth, that resistance might have something to do with you.

It also might not. For example, you might be dealing with “legacy issues” you inherited (known or unknown) when walking into something new. Or maybe it’s just plain fear of change. Whatever the cause, the effect is a drag.

Either way, you still have to lead the way to “better.”
The good news is…, you have the power to create a shift.
As a leader, decisions you make and actions you take often come with a degree of conflict. Conflict naturally arises with change. It can be destructive, disruptive or generative. Even where we have the best of intentions, we can be unconscious to - or unskillful with - the impact our language and actions has on others.

When not handled properly, conflicts add up, take root and erode trust.
When trust erodes, it gets much harder to keep yourself – and the people you count on – creative and effective.
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Whether in partnership or with a team, trust breakdowns are costly to you, your people, and your bottom line.

Leadership excellence hinges on the ability to handle conflict skillfully and build trust consistently.
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Are you ready to take a new tack on trust?

Our relationship to trust is emotionally loaded, paradoxical and can challenge us to the core. But we need it for everything that matters in leadership and business.

You gain leverage and respect when you can repair trust and directly improve your team’s performance.
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What would extra time and energy to focus on positive results mean to you?

Trust is to leadership as listening is to communication. Essential. With some subtle, masterful shifts you could make a world of difference.

Transform a situation that matters for you now.
Join us for Lead in Trust™.
Lead in Trust™ is for leaders trusted for their knowledge or technical expertise who…
  • Need to get better results with people
  • Prefer to avoid or move beyond (bury) conflict
  • Know what to do but, on the frazzled edge, need to do it more skillfully and consistently
  • Feel trapped in the drama and want better choices for getting on with it
  • Aspire to “extraordinary” in a sustainable, energizing way.
How would you like to transform your relationship to someone or something that matters to you now? Could you use some perspective, new input, new distinctions, or even rays of hope?

Lead in Trust™ guides you to the heart of what needs your attention.

You bring your own Trust Challenge. Something real that matters to you.
That situation … and your orientation to trust … will transform.

We’ll take it layer by layer, teasing open some knots around how you …
  • Value Trust - Find where trust is and where more is needed. Remember why you care and what trust breakdowns are costing you.
  • Renew Trust - Clear out what is toxic and prepare the “soil” for yourself to “re-seed” and nurture the kind of authentic trust you need - anew.
  • Lead In Trust - Become the catalyst and champion for attuning to trust in challenging situations where you need to lead now.

Where will you find the opening or the key you’re looking for? It could come from someone in the group or from your own reflections and practice. We’ll bring it home in coaching focused on what will help you create what you want next.

Use insights and proven frameworks to build your capacity and confidence in building and restoring trust where it counts.
  • Get to the core of what breaks and builds trust
  • Understand what types of trust are critical for you to succeed in a challenging situation
  • Clarify steps you need to take to restore trust and re-energize collaboration
  • Free yourself to lead in trust with greater ease.
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Lead In Trust™ - Your 4-week group program includes:
  • 1 Individual Coaching Call with Beata - 45-minute (via video Skype)
  • 3 Group Interactive Teleseminars - 90 minutes each
  • 1 Group Spotlight Coaching Call - 90 minutes
  • Your Lead in Trust™ Action Guide
  • Call Recordings
BONUS: Centered Presence Audio Program (value - $47)

All this for the price of one hour of 1:1 coaching!

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Group Call TIMES: 12pm - 1:15pm PST
Group Call DATES: Tuesdays - April 7, 14, 21, 28 - 2015

Call recordings will be provided following each "live" event.
Beata Lewis, JD, MSC

For nearly 20 years, Beata has partnered with leaders, knowledge professionals and business owners to cultivate trust-centered leadership, more sustainable and enlivening growth in business and intentional transformation. A Master Somatic Coach with experience as an attorney, mediator, and professor, Beata counsels clients to integrate intellectual acumen with greater emotional and body-centered intelligence. Her clients learn to bring out more of the best in themselves and others in complex, challenging situations.
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